Hello! I'm Cindy, a visual storyteller currently based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for photography at a very young age. Just watch my family home tapes, and you'll see my 3-year-old self extending my arms out to any camera or recording device that was in my reach. During my early teenage years, you were likely to find a camera attached to my hand whenever I stepped out of the house. I would often wander to a nearby field or forest to capture the essence of how nature made me feel. After attending secondary school in a specialized visual arts program where my love for photography grew stronger, I pursued my interest and studied the field at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

After my graduation, I began travelling with my camera more frequently. It helped me level up my technical skills, learn new aspects of the industry, and perfect my own style as a photographer. Simultaneously, I fell completely in love with our planet. Travel has personally been one of my most valuable teachers and continues to be through every new adventure. In more recent years, I’ve been immersing myself in freelance work including weddings, engagements, and maternity. While it’s true that my first passion is travel photography, there’s something about capturing love on camera that I can’t fully explain.

My other (other) passion lies with entrepreneurship. I've been with Shopify full-time for almost 5 years, whose mission is to make e-commerce better for everyone. My journey on the frontline began by connecting merchants to our platform and empowering them to grow their businesses. About a year into my tenure, I joined our creative team who worked on Burst, our stock photography platform, and focused on growing our social media base while contributing some of my own work. Near the end of an eventful 2020, my path organically shifted toward leadership. I am currently leading a team of Support Advisors, coaching them to create exceptional support experiences and helping our merchants propel their business forward.

In my spare time, you can either find me hanging out in a hammock with a good book, redecorating my space for the 7th time this year, or exploring new trails with my husband and my dog. 

I'm currently available for freelance work, commissions and collaborations, or Beatsaber duels. You can reach out to me via my Connect page.

For art prints, tech gear, clothing, home decor, and more, visit my online store: society6.com/cindymalette

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